Happy New Year to our canine friends, and to all our loyal clients, their moms and dads!

Are your special pooch or pooches in need of spa treatment to start the 2016 new year? Then give us a call to set up your appointment. 

As always, our luxury private groom includes a soothing vanilla and milk thistle paw scrub, a blueberry facial scrub, hydrotherapy bathing, hand fluff drying - never cage drying! -, and a nail trim and ear cleaning, and it is always a one on one pampering and relaxing experience for your special canine friend. Call us for an appointment today!

Diamonds From The Ruff 

Providing luxury dog grooming in our Newbury spa. 

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About Us

At Diamonds From The Ruff we pride ourselves on creating not only a calm and soothing experience for your pet, but on producing the highest quality groom possible.  Contact us here.

 Open 9-3 Monday-Friday. Please give us a call! (978) 465-1276


Offering full service grooming including:

-Hydrotherapy bathing with aromatherapy

-Facial and paw scrubs

-Hand-fluff drying


-Breed standard and creative styling

Diamonds From The Ruff - Where style is a given.

4 Riverview Drive, Newbury, MA 01951 | 978-465-1276